The Columbines play songs about love, songs about anger, songs about angry love and lovely anger; songs with birds and bees, cars, trains, and planes; songs about the devil you know and the devil you don’t.

Sing a song about two things at once and it’s a given that you’ll be misunderstood. It’s the same with the name of our band. A Columbine flower is pretty, but the plant that shows it off is a tough little thing. Trample the garden bed or burn the whole forest down and in time the columbine grows right back. You can hear the name and think of annihilation, and you can hear the name and think of what comes after.

Columbines are the only flower to grow in all 50 states and have been used by American Indians as an aphrodisiac and in spells to call out love or enhance courage. Columbines are a resilient flower that prefer partial shade, rocky soil and can often be found growing through the cracks in a sidewalk or alleyway.

The Columbines Gallery Opening

John and Julia Barlow started the band many years ago after finding out that there are three strains of Barlow Columbines; Black Barlow, Blue Barlow and Bordeaux Barlow.

John plays white guitars and sings like a long-haul trucker in church. Julia bangs on things. Vansassa bows a white cello, and dances with a pair of photo theremins while Jim mashes keys on old organs. You best not get out in front of it.


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